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As with European Monetary Union, Britain is seen to be on the sidelines of an important and rapidly developing area of policy.
In my opinion, the European Monetary Union is an important challenge that will allow the industry to be more competitive.
Enthusiasts for European monetary union hoped that its establishment would itself be a force for convergence of labor costs so that relative exchange rate changes within the zone could be abandoned.
Calls to member states of the European Monetary Union (Euro countries) will cost just 46 Pfennigs per minute round the clock.
The exchange will issue a range of Euro products to take advantage of the start of European monetary union in January, including bonds and depository receipts.
In contrast, Sir Colin went out of his way to say business was "encouraged and pleased" by the Labour's leader's approach to European monetary union.
Public opinion has apparently turned firmly against the European Monetary Union.
Over the reporting period, the German mark was pressured lower by growing market expectations of broad participation in the European monetary union (EMU).
the debate has focused more on the loss of political sovereignty that European monetary union entails than on the currency.
Also weighing on the euro is an article in a German magazine reporting that officials have discussed a possible breakup of the European Monetary Union.
The papers discuss Balkan nationalisms and the European integration processes, the implications for Macedonia of the declared independence of Kosovo, public opinion influences on the integration policy process in Macedonia and in the EU, Europeanization discourse in Bulgaria, the EU's Stabilisation and Association Process as an instrument of regional stabilization, and the distributional consequences of Bulgarian participation in the European Monetary Union.
In the run-up to European Monetary Union under the Maastricht Treaty of 1992--with the introduction of the European Monetary System (EMS) in 1979, the work of the Delors Committee Report of 1989, and the establishment of the European Monetary Institute, precursor of the European Central Bank--the BIS served as a sort of launching platform for the most ambitious European integration project.
The charges for handling money from European monetary union member states should have been reduced on January 1, 1999 in readiness for the introduction of the euro.
Guide analysing implications of the introduction of euro for small and medium enterprises in developing countries, it describes economic, commercial and financial environment resulting from creation of the European Monetary Union (EMU) and its impact on non-Euro-pean countries; examines practical consequences of the introduction of euro for enterprises outside the euro zone; outlines practical adjustments to be considered by these enterprises for conducting advantageous commercial relationships with euro zone countries; provides overview of EMU and describes main steps leading to full implementation of the euro.
The adoption of the euro by the European Monetary Union on January 1, 1999 presents financial services companies with an unprecedented challenge.
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