European Economic Community

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but will fall somewhere between Canada and the current European Economic Community in degree of central power.
NAFTA, however, could also give rise to a trade war among the world's three emerging blocs: North America, the European Economic Community, and the Asian bloc centered on Japan.
Further integration occurred in 1957 when the Treaty of Rome established the European Economic Community and the European Atomic Energy Community.
An appropriate model for the arbitration mechanism is the European Economic Community (EEC) Model.
International environmental regulations will also force change if the Soviet Union attempts to move closer economically to the European Economic Community.
ISO 9000 rapidly is becoming a de facto standard for the 1992 European Economic Community (EEC) and is already widely considered established protocol for doing business in Europe.
The diplomat, who asked not to be named, told SCIENCE NEWS that although this program might be coordinated from a center in Japan, "the actual research would be carried out at appropriate institutions elsewhere" within the Economic Summit community, which includes the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, West Germany and additional European Economic Community member states.
Alternatives to withdrawal from an international organization: the case of the European economic community.
EVENTS 1973: The United Kingdom becomes a fully-fledged member of the European Economic Community.
1957 Six nations - West Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg - signed the Treaty of Rome to create the European Economic Community.
Britain, for better or worse, has joined the European Economic Community - the Europe so hated by UKIP and the tabloids.
What's more, the numbers game has its own historical antecedents--in the strategic maneuvering within western Europe, pitting Britain's Seven (the European Free Trade Association, or EFTA) against France and Germany's Six (formerly the EEC, or European Economic Community, now the EU, once the Empire of Charlemagne), in the late 1950s and the 1960s.
In 1957, they signed the Treaty of Rome creating the European Economic Community hailing a European renaissance in a ceremony watched by millions on television.
ClinTrials Research provides full service drug development programs in North America and throughout the European Economic Community and Scandinavia for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device clients.
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