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the basic monetary unit of most members of the European Union (introduced in 1999)

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German Finance Minister Woflgang Schaeuble was wrong to advocate Greece's temporary exit from the European currency zone as Berlin's official position, Vice Chancellor and Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel said.
The main proposal is to make the European currency unit (Ecu), already used as a means of EC accounting, into a parallel currency designed to appeal to tourists, businessmen and traders, by saving the time and cost of changing money.
The European currency has proven solid against the debt crises in some
In reality, the creation of a single European currency more than a decade ago shook up the dollar, not only in terms of attracting a portion of the world reserves equivalent to nearly a third of their total value, but also because the euro offered a sanctuary for the reserves of countries opposed to American policies, in particular the oil producing countries among those.
According to the Handelsblatt article, the adoption of the single European currency for countries whose currencies are pegged to the euro such as Bulgaria should happen quickly because of its benefits and few disadvantages.
The common currency would be similar to the European currency unit and to the coming monetary union currency in 2013 of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries that include Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
01 pence yesterday, its highest level since the European currency was introduced in 1999, sources said.
Since the introduction of the single European currency, according to reports, the price of a cup of coffee in one of Ljubljana's cafes has increased by 28%, reflecting a general hike in prices.
When some European governments, faced with criticism from the BIS economists over the prospect of a single European currency, put their central banks under pressure to get a handle on the drafting process of the BIS Annual Report, they met with stiff resolve from the BIS to protect the independence and integrity of the institution's economic research.
The coupon's inventors had made the error of fixing the values long before World War I caused a nosedive in European currency valuations.
Over half now believe Britain joining the single European currency would be helpful to their business, according to the latest DHL Quarterly Export Indicator.
The Prime Minister and the Chancellor took the unusual step of issuing a joint statement on Friday denying there was any rift between them on the issue of whether Britain joins the European currency.
Initially launched in the beach resort of Varadero last summer, the common European currency is also now being used successfully in Jardines del Rey, in the keys just north of the main island, said Gilberto Gil, tourism chief for Ciego de Avila province, noting that using the euro opens "new options for tourists .
It's been almost a year since the development and expansion of the European currency, the euro.
Now, the captive nations of Europe find themselves trapped in a bona fide emerging superstate, empowered by a single European currency and backed by an increasingly oppressive pan-European government complete with courts and lawmaking authority.
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