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a tribunal that is presided over by a magistrate or by one or more judges who administer justice according to the laws

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If this goes to the European Court of Justice, I think there is a strong chance of success.
The most recent court decisions of the European Court of Justice and national courts tend more and more to a liberalisation of the European betting and lottery market.
Only the European Court of Justice can take action against France, and it could be a year before this happens.
The likelihood of the European Court of Justice ruling against the UK is incredibly remote,' said Kieran Desai, a partner at law firm Rowe and Maw in Brussels.
The drastic request, submitted to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, was triggered by the Government's repeated failure to comply with bathing water cleanliness standards, a Commission spokesman said.
He is a senior barrister at Brick Court Chambers in London and has appeared in more than 90 cases at the European Court of Justice.
THE EUROPEAN Court of Justice (ECJ) has rejected five appeals by seamless steel tubes producers, such as oil country tubular goods, against fines imposed by the European Commission for participating in a cartel called the Europe-Japan Club.
He spoke out after an opinion given by the First Advocate-General to the European Court of Justice, Mr Niall Fennelly, in Luxembourg, that the legal base of the European directive on tobacco advertising and sponsorship was invalid.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Today the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice, the ECJ, is expected to give his opinion regarding the European snus ban.
The TUC was last night considering an appeal against a High Court decision to refer a row with the Government over parental leave to the European Court of Justice.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Swedish Match (Nasdaq:SWMAY) (Stockholmsborsen:SWMA) learned today that the Advocat General appointed by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has given its opinion to the ECJ that it should maintain the current EU ban (with the exception of Sweden) on the sales and distribution of snus and other oral tobaccos not intended to be chewed, pending an amended directive with a provision based on proper reasoning for the ban.
THE EUROPEAN Court of Justice (ECJ) has told Poland to harmonise its excise duty for used cars imported from other European Union (EU) countries with that paid on cars initially sold in Poland.
This ruling has come from the European Court of Justice in a case involving Austria and Slovenia.
Understand the influence of recent European Court of Justice rulings on pharmaceutical companies' parallel trade protection strategies.
EUROPEAN Union and USA negotiators were this week moving towards striking a deal over the contested passenger name record data transfer system that was declared illegal by the European Court of Justice earlier this year.
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