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approved cartels, restricts entry by outsiders, and ensures that the European Community "has become the perfect source for intrusive, picayune socialist legislation that national parliaments would be loath to pass for fear of public retribution.
Although the EC's December 31, 1992, deadline has passed, European Community officials continue to address a number of the 282 White Paper directives on which the EC is based.
Dubbed the International Financial Services Center, the site received the blessing of the European Community in 1987.
The Act committed the European Community to reducing the gap in incomes between the richer and poorer nations of the Community.
The Council of the European Community issued two directives on April 1, 1967, requiring member countries to implement the VAT system by January 1, 1971.
During the 1980s, and in particular the last few years, there has been significant restructuring of industry in the European Community, much of it long overdue.
Since the beginning of 1988, momentum toward completion of the internal market in the European Community has increased markedly.
Several measures for the implementation of the VWP reform fall under the responsibility of the European Community.
The legal practice in international law and European community law; a Spanish perspective.
The CE Mark is the official marking required by the European Community for all medical devices that will be sold, or put into service, anywhere in the European Community.
ISO 9000 was developed by the International Organization of Standards (ISO), a European Community body that sought to establish worldwide quality standards.
The plant, representing the most advanced production facility of its kind in the world, will help to alleviate the polyester shortfalls currently being experienced in the European Community.
The European Community (EC) also presents opportunities as American firms and 'European firms took to establish operations in member states, anticipating market unification.
The European Community (EC) and Eastern Bloc countries are at 46% and 25%, respectively.
The importance and interdependence of the economic relationship between the European Community and the United States was emphasized.
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