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It will, therefore, be worth carefully monitoring the developments taking place in this area--from the impact on investment into Eastern Europe, to the increase in the level of exclusive jurisdiction that the European Community commands over the free movement of capital within the region.
Delegation, Agency, and Agenda Setting in the European Community.
Decision Making in the European Community is highly useful and informative to the professional well versed in the intricacies of the European Union and to the advanced graduate student, but it is not recommended for the general student, the public, or as a text.
This rebellion against the state, writes Codevilla, is the primary reason why many Europeans hold the European Community in low regard.
The pact would create a market of 360 million consumers and $6 trillion in total annual production--a market that is even larger than the 12-nation European Community.
Founded in Brussels in 1972, Europe Information Service was the first independent information agency to focus exclusively on the activities of the European Community and other European institutions.
or Japan, the European Community (EC) is comprised of a number of independent countries.
Chiefly responsible for Dublin's success as a domicile are its maximum tax rate of 10 percent on premium and investment income, Ireland's double-taxation agreements, and the fact that Dublin is the only domicile in the European Community that permits direct writing.
This report focuses on the effects of Europe 1992 on the vocational training of workers, youth, and the unemployed within the European Community, with particular emphasis on the lessons the United States might learn.
December 31, 1992 is the target date for the 12 nations of the European Community (EC) to eliminate all tariffs and other barriers to the movement of people, goods, and services, and adopt common standards and regulations for health and safety in products, the workplace and the environment.
In the first article of this two-pan series "Prospering in the European Community.
Mutual Recognition: Integration of the Financial Sector in the European Community
WASHINGTON -- The European Commission recommended today to the European Council that negotiations are opened on an agreement between the European Community and the United States of America regarding certain conditions for access to the United States' Visa Waiver Program (VWP).
This book is the second volume in The Official History of Britain and the European Community and covers the years between 1963 and 1975, when Britain held its first ever national referendum on whether or not to join the European Community, or Common Market.
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