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The promises of a western Europe "harmonizing" its rules and of firms interpenetrating its markets across vanishing trade barriers thereby coupled the issue of marketing standardization with that of expanding within the growing European Common Market.
It became clear to the architects of integration that the concept of the European Common Market could not be restricted to the original six members.
The new patent protection policies of the European Common Market make it impossible for the U.
Zeiler may have been too pessimistic in his assessment of the decline of the United States in relation to East Asia and the European Common Market countries.
in the new European common market and the emerging former Soviet states.
Region-wise, the European Common Market countries again accounted for nearly two-thirds of world output.
Wiley expects that someday, a European common market system will merge the approvals process across country lines.
said his company's recent ISO 9000 certification was one of the most important steps in securing a place for the firm's products in the European Common Market.
The author examines the effect of labor market policy differences on steel industry "restructuring" in European Common Market (EC) countries during the mid-1970s to mid-1980s.
Graham Clayton, director of the Centre of Entrepreneurship in Thunder Bay, notes that the formation of the European common market is creating one large potential market for Canadian goods.
Increasingly, the first world has been placing a lot more focus in the growing Pacific Rim and the potential benefits that the world will derive from the European Common Market.
With regard to some of the more practical aspects of marketing in Europe, Witjens suggested: "A European common market may be a key to accessability, but U.
Williams warns that while Japan and the European Common Market are in the process of building the intelligent networks, the U.
Historic events taking place today, such as the vast changes in Eastern bloc countries and the 1992 European Common Market, will force risk managers to broaden their perspectives.
Meanwhile, clear descriptions of nutritional values and calories have become mandatory under European Common Market law, as has the listing of all ingredients.
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