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By way of harmonizing food regulations in the European Common Market, greater clarity should be achieved eventually.
Ted Heath, Tory Prime Minister in the 1970s, took us into the European common market because he knew that the future prosperity of this country lay with our major trading partners in Europe.
a commercial hub that needed the European common market.
They argue that the free movement of laborers is a founding principle of the European Common Market, and the present way of treating the Bulgarians and Romanians differently perpetuates the divisions within the EU.
It was in this period that a fateful turn to the European Common Market was attempted as means of adapting to Washington's newly acquired superpower status around the globe and to Britain's "loss" of Empire (represented by Suez and other successful anti-colonial struggles curtailing Britain's attempts to exert control over its alleged 'Commonwealth').
Ultimately, South Asia can have a common market like the European Common Market.
It was, after the Edward Heath lies and betrayal of the 1972 Accession to the European Common Market, by far the worst removal of democratic sovereignty from the British people in our history.
It is paradoxical that the Arab Maghreb Union had begun to take shape, through political coordination projects between the factions of national movements in North African countries, around the same time when the first signs of the emergence of the European Common Market began to appear.
1960 The European Common Market was formed, incorporating France, West Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium and Holland
Over the past half century, the Bilderberg Group's annual secret confabs have served as the launch pad for many globalist schemes--such as the European Common Market, now the EU--and the fashion runway for relatively unknown politicians who will be boosted to the level of president or prime minister.
Thus, the European Common Market Concept emerged to eliminate the Tariffs and Restrictive Standards between members and establish targets to achieve a "Unified Market" by the end of 1992.
The formation of the European Common Market and the opening of free markets in Eastern Europe are positive optimistic signs for the larger development of Brazilian coffees to those areas.
market activity and the creation of the European common market in 1992.
Export Credit With the European common market, said Alan Paiement, manager of the eastern region of the Export Development Corp.
NIMS, an ISO 13485 certified company, is also licensed to sell Exer-Rest([R]) in Canada, the European Common Market and other major world markets.
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