Castor fiber

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a European variety of beaver

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The purpose of the inventory positions of European beaver is to enable rational population of this species and to control its numbers to limit the damage caused in the human economy, while maintaining the species at favorable conservation status, in accordance with Council Directive 92/43 / EEC of 21 May 1992 .
The first chapter consists of an overview of the ecology of the European beaver and its distribution through the Quaternary.
The European beaver was widely resident north of the border until the 16th Century, when they were hunted into extinction.
PLANS to bring a pair of European beavers into the Welsh countryside have been condemned as "crazy" by farming union leaders.
Other animals in danger include capercaillie, black grouse and the European beaver.
Plans to introduce the European beaver to Wales have met a mixed reception among farmers
Wildlife quango Scottish Natural Heritage applied to reintroduce the rare European beaver to Knapdale Forest in Argyll.
WILDLIFE Trust officers are travelling to Norway to learn more about how the European beaver could be reintroduced to Wales.
Willow, a European beaver, arrived in a wetlands enclosure at the Aigas Field Centre, at Beauly, near Inverness, where its parents were only delivered in April.
The article does no justice to a proper debate on the merits of re-introducing the European beaver back to Wales.
But while mainstream environmentalists are keen to re-introduce the European beaver to Welsh rivers, few expect the wolf in Wales after an absence of more than 8oo years.
WILDLIFE Trust officers have been to Norway to learn more about how the European beaver could be reintroduced to Wales.
An idea to return the European beaver to Welsh rivers is being actively pursued.
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