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Once completed, the North Caucasus ski cluster will become the world's third-largest ski destination, rivaling famed resorts located in the European Alps and the North American Rockies.
Some subjects investigated include the frictional strength of granular fault gouge, modeling of upper and lower crustal evolution during lithospheric extension in the European Alps, structure and evolution of the western Corinth Rift, the formation of the Ios metamorphic core complex in Greece, and cretaceous felsic volcanism in New Zealand.
In an ambitious [euro]400 billion plan, a pan-continental electricity supergrid powered by a chain of solar farms in the Arabian Gulf and North Africa would be linked to hydro-electric plants in Scandinavia and the European Alps, onshore and offshore wind farms in the Baltic and North Sea, along with marine energy and biomass power facilities.
The grid will be linked to hydro-electric plants in Scandinavia and the European Alps, a statement said.
The team's radar data indicate that the region's ice-smothered terrain is similar to that seen in the European Alps today.
A 2006 study on Climate Change in the European Alps by the United Nations Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, concluded that the Alps are particularly sensitive to climate change, with recent warming roughly three times the global average.
Each year more snow falls in Australia than the whole of the European Alps
Recent analysis of the European Alps by the University of Zurich finds that they could lose 80 per cent of their glacier ice cover by the end of this century if summer temperatures rise by 3C.
1999 Moraine exposure dates imply synchronous Younger Dryas glacier advances in the European Alps and in the Southern Alps of the New Zealand.
The cost of a holiday in the European Alps is cheaper than way back then, and the cost of flights to American resorts hasn't gone up in 40 years, according to Sean Tipton of the Association of British Travel Agents.
This he achieved with four seasons of mountaineering in the European Alps.
Current research analyses sedimentary sequences from three Neolithic lakeside villages on the northern rim of the European Alps using micromorphology, or the study of thin-sectioned in situ sediments from and around archaeological sites (FIGURE 1).
The L2120-i analyzer is used by top scientists for in situ water isotope measurements in remote and unforgiving locations around the world from the ice fields of Antarctica to the European Alps to the blazing plains of Equatorial Africa.
The area of those glaciers is about 50 times higher than the ice cover of the European Alps.
His impressive career, spanning more than 40 years, has taken him all over the world, from the Himalayas in Asia to the European Alps, the South American Andes, the mountains of East and Southern Africa, and the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia.
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