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a United States dollar deposited in a European bank and used as an international currency to finance trade

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As the payments have to be settled in US dollars, using the Eurodollar market offered significant financing cost benefits compared to an issue in the Euro market.
The price of a Eurodollar option today reflects financial market participants' beliefs about future short-term interest rates.
Prior to the US data inspiring some risk appetite into the markets, the Eurodollar was trading inside a very narrow 20 pip range with some confusion being shown among investors regarding whether the European Central Bank (ECB) will act again next week.
3) At the center of these foreign bank bailouts was a financial instrument called the Eurodollar.
45 percent by year-end as priced in by the December eurodollar futures.
It includes examination of support, resistance and momentum for such financial instruments as Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDQ Composite, 10-Year Yield, Eurodollar interest rates, Nymex crude, and Euro and Japanese Yen interest rates.
Regulation D (RegD) reserve on Eurodollar (E$) deposits in New York acts as a tariff on "imported" dollars, even though the reserve ratios are the same on both the E$ deposits and domestic deposits of the same maturity.
NCR was formed last year from a merger between Alamo Rent-a-car and Eurodollar Car Rental.
But after mixed results with previous innovations - contracts on brine shrimp and Russian ruble futures bombed, eurodollar and Standard & Poor's 500 index futures have boomed - exchange officials are braced for a potentially chilly reception for weather.
banks borrowed dollar funds at around 5% on the Eurodollar market, while major Japanese banks received a rate of 5.
And meanwhile, no one seems to know how the new Eurodollar will be accepted in the European Economic Community or the effect it may have on international trade with (and within) EC member countries.
Eurodollar bosses will split the cash from a pounds 95 million takeover by US firm Republic Industries and keep their jobs.
Expectations of monetary tightening were reflected in forward rates, with three-month rates on December Eurodollar futures rising nearly 60 basis points from April 1 to mid-June.
Based on the demand for alternative pricing structures, many corporate borrowers now have the option of tying their loan rates to the eurodollar market.
For example, if an Irish company owned by a Japanese parent borrowed funds on the Eurodollar market from unrelated lenders and loaned the funds to a U.