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a United States dollar deposited in a European bank and used as an international currency to finance trade

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Eurodollar futures volume averaged 2 million contracts per day, up 10 percent compared with November 2014.
Prior to the US data inspiring some risk appetite into the markets, the Eurodollar was trading inside a very narrow 20 pip range with some confusion being shown among investors regarding whether the European Central Bank (ECB) will act again next week.
3) At the center of these foreign bank bailouts was a financial instrument called the Eurodollar.
Kommunalbanken Norway, a local government funding agency 80 percent owned by the Kingdom of Norway, is planning to sell a three-year eurodollar bond, Dow Jones has reported citing one of the lead managers.
He helped found Eurodollar as Swan National in 1973.
The Eurodollar has opened Wednesday's trading at around 1.
One way of measuring the market's expectations about changes in FOMC policy is to examine Eurodollar and fed fund futures.
Global Banking News-26 May 2009-BNG plans three-year Eurodollar bond(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
Favorite Deal: "Issuing several eurodollar bonds during the mid-1980s, when allin costs obtained were significantly below U.
Targeted to market professionals and individual investors, the letter includes examination of support, resistance and momentum for such financial instruments as Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDQ Composite, 10-Year Yield, Eurodollar interest rates, Nymex crude, and Euro and Japanese Yen interest rates.
Members earn 500 miles by renting a car at any Dollar or EuroDollar location.
Under the First Amendment, borrowings under the Tranche C term loan facility will bear interest at a reduced rate of (a) with respect to Eurodollar Rate loans, the Eurodollar Rate plus 500 basis points, with a Eurodollar Rate floor of 1.
Eurodollar options average daily volume increased 39 percent, driven by 124 percent growth in options traded electronically
In anticipation of the ECB interest rate decision this afternoon, there has been some signs of Eurodollar purchasing in the early morning hours with the pair trading as high as 1.
A Eurodollar forward rate is also often used as an alternative means for estimating the market's expected path for the fed funds rate, especially for horizons of 6 months or more.