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focussed on Europe and the Europeans

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In response to some of her targets--nativist composers who fretted about German or Jewish influence, Eurocentrists who decried American influence on Schoenberg's work, neoclassicists who set Stravinsky against Schoenberg--Feisst occasionally strikes a partisan note of her own.
I exaggerate only slightly: when Achebe is declared to speak from within the "Western canon," his Eurocentrist critique is at least partially domesticated and tamed.
That is to say, the relationship between traditional imperialist colonialism and global capitalist self-colonization is exactly the same as the relationship between Western cultural imperialism and multiculturalism: in the same way that global capitalism involves the paradox of colonization without the colonizing nation-state metropole, multiculturalism involves patronizing Eurocentrist distance and/or respect for local cultures without roots in one's own particular culture.
Without being Eurocentrist, its subject matter and scholarship make this an important book.
The collection represents Afrocentrist and Eurocentrist views, but insists on the fact that "slavery and freedom, white and black are joined at the hip" (2).
Nevertheless, even in the midst of coming off as a Eurocentrist or as a pompous ass, Paulo Freire has things to say that are too lucid, too sharp-edged to ignore.
This is likely to strain and weaken the feeling of solidarity that the Eurocentrists talk about.