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the basic monetary unit of most members of the European Union (introduced in 1999)

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With every allocated Eurocent, you reduce the likelihood of the loss.
Approximately two million 50 eurocent pieces have been minted, as a result of a December accord between the European Union and the Vatican.
A new increase of Eurocent 10 per pack took place at the beginning of April.
today announced it has decided to convert the 5 Eurocents preference shares Unilever N.
9 eurocents per minute, one of the smallest rates in the European Union.
In practice, this means that a music download, for example, will cost the consumer 99 Eurocents regardless of the Euro-currency country from which the purchase is made.
Petrol and diesel costs will drop by between four Eurocents and six Eurocents in a programme that will cost the government around Euros 300 million (USD 375 million), with suppliers assuming the remaining costs.
44 percent in Macedonian households and with the price increase, the price will total around seven eurocents.
Maybe he confused Lithuanian cents with eurocents," Balsys said.
It costs (currently) 50 eurocents to enter Bonoloto but the customer has to spend a full euro, either by purchasing two number combinations for the present draw or the same combination to be entered in the present and following draws.
65 eurocents and existing glide paths suggest most countries will be below 3 eurocents by 2014.
6 eurocents, which he claimed is the "lowest for an LCC operating to main airports.
It argues that a limit of 30 eurocents per minute on charges mobile phone networks can levy on each other should ensure savings are passed on to customers.
European Aeronautic Defence and Space,maker of large commercial jets,missiles and fighter aircraft, is also to raise its 2003 dividend to 40 eurocents per share from 30 cents in a clear sign that it is bouncing back from the civil aerospace downturn that followed the September 11 attacks in the US.
25 eurocents to be paid - an increase of five per cent on last year.