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belief in the preeminence of Europe and the Europeans

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The third dimension of time is potential time which is actually much closer to what Euro-centrism calls the future.
From their differing perspectives, each essayist attempts to gain fresh insight into biblical stories by challenging the dominance of white euro-centrism and patriarchy.
This gap is the result of a Euro-centrism born with Western empires which once occupied a world on which the sun never set.
The main argument is that whereas globalization expresses and exacerbates imperialist hierarchies, nation states are also major culprits in creating and perpetuating 'non-citizens' through ideological and institutionalized forms of sexism, patriarchy, Euro-centrism, Orientalism, racism, and class privilege.
This is difficult terrain for Westerners to navigate as it can smack of cultural imperialism and Euro-centrism.
Greeks and barbarians: essays on the interactions between Greeks and non-Greeks in antiquity and the consequences for euro-centrism.
They were deeply suspicious, rightly so, of European colonialism, Euro-centrism and European guns.
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