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belief in the preeminence of Europe and the Europeans

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Forging an interdisciplinary approach to early globalization, it challenges both Euro-centric and Hispano-phobic interpretations of the impact of the conquest of America, traditionally seen as a demographic catastrophe that reached its nadir in the so-called seventeenth-century crisis.
Those who tell a story of hardship and struggle argue that the terms of integration are tremendously unfair and Euro-centric (see Marie Battiste and Helen Semaganis', as well as Veronica Strong-Boag's, essays) and that Canada at present is failing in its bid to generate the support it needs from, in particular, people of colour (see Cecille DePass and Shazia Qureshi's contribution).
He said the mainstream press has provided one-sided coverage of the dispute because they're influenced by a widespread Euro-centric bias against First Nations.
The African media accuses the western press of taking such a euro-centric view of Africa that it ends up distorting virtually everything.
Setting itself up as a Euro-centric search engine, it's quick, intelligent and almost Google-like in its clarity and site descriptions.
The groups strategy is still euro-centric, it still wants to build a pan-european network integration organization.
The Euro-centric bias was, of course, a kind of academic residue of the great European expansion of the 16th through 19th centuries, in which relatively small but densely populated and militarily powerful countries such as Portugal, Spain, England, and The Netherlands conquered vast pieces of the world and planted colonies on every habitable continent.
This rather unusual arrangement is quite consistent with the author's effort to present Indian Ocean history in its own light and not through the "conventional" set of Euro-centric spectacles.
Their high-quality, Euro-centric collection is respected worldwide for its creative excellence and contemporary style.
She identifies in her introduction the Euro-centric or Western-centric biases of a number of these publications, some of which go so far as to accentuate the perceived oddity of food practices elsewhere.
The combination of Amplimedical and Nanogen creates a strong, experienced Euro-centric management team with capability to develop, manufacture and sell products internationally.
Speakers maintained ethnic minority students were switching off from science because the teaching of subjects like physics, chemistry, biology and maths at school tended to be very Euro-centric.
The art they were doing was Euro-centric," he says.
Good Striker and Coutu believe the laws that govern the treatment of Native burial grounds and the artifacts found there are Euro-centric and based on attitudes that do not respect the rights of Aboriginal people.
We will also be able to increase our focus on European markets and issues as we can now present training with a much more Euro-centric outlook.
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