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an alloy of copper and nickel with high electrical resistance and a low temperature coefficient


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a town in northwest California on an arm of the Pacific Ocean

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We are adding the multi-use and presentation-quality products to our EUREKA
Making SAP data stored in a data warehouse built with ActaWorks available to all knowledge workers through Eureka
By incorporating DecisionPoint Warehouse metadata into Information Advantage's Eureka
As the industry's first true web portal, we think Eureka
Decisions that impact a businesses bottom line are made from the information users analyze within Eureka
In addition, the event will feature a live demonstration of Eureka
and AOL revolutionized the Internet by connecting hundreds of systems through a single interface, our Eureka
Based on products acquired from its recent merger with IQ Software, Eureka
With over 16,500 SAP R/3 implementations worldwide, Eureka
Jointly developed with Information Advantage (NASDAQ: IACO), Eureka
Multidimensional cubes created with VisionServer can be accessed and downloaded through Eureka