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Synonyms for Eurasiatic

relating to, or coming from, Europe and Asia


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The Eurasiatic root *tVlV has the meanings 'to say' and 'to tell'.
Sound is a concept attributed to the Eurasiatic root *jVnV.
Some taxonomical adjustments in eurasiatic wheatgrasses.
New datings and considerations on the chronology of Upper Palaeolithic sites in the Great Eurasiatic Plain.
many, numerous, multitude'" referring also to probably same origin of Even *mian 'ten' (from the same Eurasiatic or 'Nostratic' stem presented in Altaic *mania-/manai- 'many' and the well-known origin of word for 'ten' from the root 'count' in some Finno-Ugric languages (see below)).
The development of the Uralic counting systems reconstructed here is, to my mind, connected not only with the chronology of the proto-languge stages (more ancient = more archaic system), but also (if not mainly) with the step-by-step inclusion of the Uralic-speaking population into the Eurasiatic cultural area.