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Synonyms for Eurasian

a person of mixed European and Asian descent

relating to, or coming from, Europe and Asia


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Choosing to employ the most parsimonious formulation about Eurasian collective personality, however, seems insufficient, even a dereliction, when detail down to the minutest matter is re required for a thoroughgoing appreciation of this topic with its life and death implications for how ADP are to relate to Eurasians.
Specifically, (1) the Northern Cradle Ice Age environment did induce, facilitate, and/or exacerbate mutation in hueman melanin-based capacities in Eurasians.
Wright brooked no illusion that the relationship between ADP and Eurasians was anything but race war (Olomenji 1996; Wright 1979).
Specifically, as numerous works verify (Baruti 2005a; Jones 1992; Roberson 1995; Walker 1829/1965; Williams 1976; Williams-Myers 1995), Eurasians characteristically interacted with ADP:
The OED analysis of TEP is offered with the intention of it becoming the anchor for formulating explicit Africana social theory about Eurasians globally for individual, family, organizational, institutional, national, and international orienteering by ADP.
Hunters may at first have difficulty distinguishing a Eurasian from a mourning dove.
Eurasian doves can be found as far north as Iceland and above the Arctic Circle in Norway.
Eurasian doves eat mainly seed and cereal grain such as millet, sunflower, milo, wheat, and corn.
Eurasian doves typically breed and nest close to developed areas where food and water resources are abundant and there are trees for nesting.
The Eurasian cockbird's mating display is one of ritual flight and appears somewhat pigeon-like.
Meanwhile, the Vietnamese mothers of abandoned Eurasians were perceived by the French colonists as an obstacle to the francification process.
9) From the Vietnamese point of view Eurasians represented either collaboration with colonialism (10) or, in the case of rape, colonial dominance.
Meanwhile, the large volume of French writings about Eurasians revealed complex attitudes toward Eurasians.
First, colonists suspected that male abandoned Eurasians would, when they reached young adulthood, come to resent their place in the colonial racial hierarchy.
To neutralize the threat that abandoned Eurasians were presumed to pose, French civilians throughout Indochina formed non-governmental Eurasian "protection" societies in the early 1890s.