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Synonyms for Eurasian

a person of mixed European and Asian descent

relating to, or coming from, Europe and Asia


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Other comparisons among modern populations show genetic contributions from Eurasians in East and West Africa, says Pontus Skoglund, a Harvard geneticist.
West Africa's Yoruba people carry a 7 percent genetic contribution from Eurasians.
The Eurasians were getting restless and one big fellow flew out and circled above us.
It was too much pressure for me--my first double opportunity and my pup's first Eurasian experience--and I missed.
I politely thanked Mac, apologized to my pup izzy and then threw out the Eurasian for her to retrieve.
Hunters may at first have difficulty distinguishing a Eurasian from a mourning dove.
The Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians (TCAE) is an independent umbrella organization committed to advancing interaction among American, Turkish, Turkic and Eurasian people.
Pomfret (5) by focusing on the diverse and changing attitudes toward the racial formation of abandoned Eurasians that occurred throughout the colonial period 1890-1956.
Meanwhile, the Vietnamese mothers of abandoned Eurasians were perceived by the French colonists as an obstacle to the francification process.
9) From the Vietnamese point of view Eurasians represented either collaboration with colonialism (10) or, in the case of rape, colonial dominance.
Meanwhile, the large volume of French writings about Eurasians revealed complex attitudes toward Eurasians.
So the motives of the Central Eurasians at the center of the system are explained.
To some extent, the history of Eurasia as a whole from its beginning to the present day can be viewed as the successive movements of Central Eurasians and Central Eurasian cultures into the periphery and of periphery peoples and their cultures into Central Eurasia.
In terms of impact on the periphery, it may be that the periods between these eras of Central Eurasian empire were as important historically as the empires themselves, for it was during these times that Central Eurasians had their greatest impact on the periphery.
THE EARLIEST KNOWN history of the Central Eurasians is succinctly laid out in the first chapter of Beckwith's book.