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It was from Africa that, at the evolutionary stage of homo kahilis, the hominidae set out to populate the Eurasian continent.
Pre-eminence in Eurasia - and America's Global Primacy is directly dependent on how long and how effectively its preponderance on the Eurasian continent is sustained," and suggested the use of military power in the Euro-Asian region to establish the "Western Front" in Europe, and the "Southern Front" in Asia.
He expressed hope that this large-scale event on transport and communication complex of the Eurasian continent, will be directed at strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation between Europe and Asia in transport, in particular coordination of their transport policy.
One way to reconnect the nation to the vast Eurasian continent is the idea of extending the Trans-Siberian Railway through North Korea and into the South, and building a parallel natural gas pipeline.
For purposes of comparing and contrasting these areas, Lieberman breaks the Eurasian continent into two broad regions: the "protected zone," consisting of Japan, mainland Southeast Asia, and Western Europe, and the "exposed zone," made up primarily of South Asia, China, and the Southeast Asian islands.
They include limiting membership to countries within the Eurasian continent that have diplomatic relations with other members and are either SCO observers or dialogue partners.
The Silk Road was not only a driver of economic growth on the Eurasian continent, but of ideas as well.
In western China, the Indian tectonic plate pushes the Tibetan Plateau up and over the older Sichuan Basin and other parts of the Eurasian continent.
Aso also mentioned the ''Arc of Freedom and Prosperity'' initiative, which he unveiled last year and which aims to engage Japan in promoting democracy and market-oriented economies in countries on the Eurasian continent in a bid to expand Japan's diplomatic presence.
We recognize readily that it is a big, complex country of some 70 million people, occupying a strategically critical portion of the Eurasian continent.
Issues included developing greater supply security and competition across the Eurasian continent and cooperation to establish more liberalized regimesof access to national gas pipeline networks in transition economies.
Again, as in The Shire-England parallels, Middle-earth and the Eurasian continent seem to share many commonalities.
A 48-year-old man in Yamagata Prefecture in northeastern Japan on Monday successfully swam across a strait between Sakhalin and the Eurasian continent, a distance of about 28 kilometers, in about 11.
The presentation in the South Korean capital is aimed at demonstrating the superiority of the TSR as a mode of transportation, and a means of drastically reducing the time and cost involved in transporting people and cargo on the Eurasian continent.
Although the route through which the spacecraft will drop into the sea remains unknown, Japanese space experts said the cargo vessel's engines will likely be started up over Africa and guide Mir over the Eurasian continent before reentering the atmosphere.