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a person of mixed European and African descent

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Whether specialists or undergraduates, readers will appreciate the volume's continued interest in the experiences of women and Eurafrican Jews.
Subject to the authorisation of the relevant supervisory authorities and their respective management bodies, the four banks in the Banque Belgolaise network that are to join the Bank of Africa group are BIA-Togo, The Trust Bank (Ghana), Allied Bank International (Uganda) and Eurafrican Bank (Tanzania).
Eurafricans in Western Africa: Commerce, Social Status, Gender and Religious Observance from the Sixteenth to Eighteenth Century (Athens, OH: Ohio University Press; Oxford: James Currey, 2003) 355 pp.
In Suriname, Creoles are Eurafricans who trace their ancestry to manumission or emancipation, as opposed to marronage.