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With regard to reduced water supplies from the Euphrates River to the province of Raqqa, which is ISIL's self-declared capital, he said, "I pray to God that the apostate [Turkish] government reconsiders its decisions.
The council also agreed to increase releases of water to improve water quality of the Euphrates River and to amend the law 21 of 2008, according to the draft submitted by the provincial councils," al-Dabbagh added.
The portable Mobile MaxPure[TM] systems can each supply 30,000 gallons per day of clean drinking water or irrigation, plus electric power for Iraqi farmers and their families along the Euphrates River.
Nine decades later the legal exclave and the tomb that sits on it were moved to a new location some 80 kilometers north of Qal'at Ja'bar, still on the banks of the Euphrates river, not far from the town of Sarrin.
Jets on Monday also bombed the city of Raqqa in the province by the same name along the Euphrates River.
found during a seven-year period beginning in 2003, parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran along the Tigris and Euphrates river basins lost 117 million acre feet (144 cubic kilometers) of its total stored freshwater.
Indeed, Chapter 9 carries a direct reference to the Euphrates River, which runs through modern-day Iraq.
US forces had successfully crossed the Euphrates River, the major waterway before the capital, and Iraqi soldiers were said to be surrendering and defecting in large numbers.
US troops battled with insurgents holed up in houses and driving explosives-laden vehicles in a second town near the Syrian border, killing 28 in an expansion of their two-day-old offensive chasing al Qaida fighters along the Euphrates River valley, the military said.
Flying Vietnam War-era twin-rotor CH-46 helicopters, the squadron was stationed about 130 miles west of Baghdad along the Euphrates River in a former Iraqi air base named Al-Assad, the same place it stayed when the squadron spent seven months in Iraq in 2004.
The US commander of the joint force, Colonel Stephen Davis, said his troops had moved "about halfway" through Husaybah, a market town along the Euphrates River.
The school was a polling station in Parwana, a western Euphrates River town.
Al-Qaida in Iraq, meanwhile, warned the Iraqi government to halt the offensive against Husaybah, a market town along the Euphrates River about 200 miles northwest of Baghdad, within 24 hours or see "the earth .
AMERICAN troops fought insurgents hiding in houses in a second town near the Syrian border, killing 28 in an expansion of their offensive against al Qaeda fighters in the Euphrates River valley.
There were reports of insurgent movement to and from the city via the Euphrates River, creating a liquid highway for trafficking people and weapons.