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Because if they do not reconsider it now, we will reconsider it for them by liberating ystanbul," Mosa said in Raqqa, with regard to reduced water supplies from the Euphrates River.
The development is being described as the fall of Syria's second provincial capital to ISIS, after the city of Raqqa further upstream on the Euphrates last year -- but regime forces continue to hold several neighborhoods in the city of Deir al-Zor.
Above this province lies the Lebanon-Palmyrid Belt and the Euphrates graben which are a continuation of the Levant Fracture System.
A' AA'group of wall paintings were found in 1997 on the floor of a house in the archeological site of Tall Halouleh in the Middle Euphrates region.
Llong oedd yr Euphrates aeth i lawr oddi ar arfordir gorllewinol Mon gyferbyn a'r fan hon ac fe alwyd y lle yn Trwyn Euphrates, ac fe gafwyd yr enw Porth China am fod llong wedi suddo ac arno lwyth o lestri a'r fan ble daeth y rhan fwyaf ohonyn nhw i'r lan oedd Porth China.
The two greatest rivers of the Eurasian landscape, the Euphrates and the Tigris, originate in one climatic and topographic zone and end in a quite different one.
GRACE data show an alarming rate of decrease in total water storage in the Tigris and Euphrates river basins, which currently have the second fastest rate of groundwater storage loss on Earth, after India," said Jay Famiglietti, principle investigator of the study and a hydrologist and professor at UC Irvine.
Dr Arnaud Leclercq, Partner, Lombard Odier Capital Partners, said claims over water of Tigres and Euphrates may cause conflicts among Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.
PNNSami Awad, founder and executive director of the Bethlehem nonviolence organization Holy Land Trust, will feature as "Visionary of the Year" at the Euphrates Summit in St.
Baghdad and Ankara have had frequent disagreements in recent years over water flow along the Euphrates and Tigris from Turkey downriver to Iraq, though they have made temporary agreements to regulate it.
Keban Dam is a hydroelectric dam in Turkey's east, the first and most upstream of several large-scale dams to be built on the Euphrates by Turkey.
In the same way the river Euphrates constituted an important landmark.
Shamkhi owns 125 hectares (313 acres) of farmland outside the village of Ghazali in the rich food-producing province of Najaf, south of Baghdad, where production has fallen with the level of the nearby Euphrates River since the early 1990s.
The Iraqi government has said that Turkey has agreed to flow more water along the Euphrates River to Iraq for a period of less than a month.