Euphorbia milii

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somewhat climbing bushy spurge of Madagascar having long woody spiny stems with few leaves and flowers with scarlet bracts

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Although Euphorbia milii is botanically speaking a succulent, it is usually regarded as a shrub as it retains its leaves all year round.
26 Euphorbia milii Euphorbiaceae Dudh kata 'Lutea' Hort 27 Putranjiva Euphorbiaceae Joiton, Jiyapoti roxburghii Wall.
Describing his collection, the usually taciturn Cardy lights up, affectionately rattling off scientific species names as though they were his grandchildren: Phoenix reclinata, Euphorbia milii, Arecaceae adonidia merrillii.
THE plant you have is Euphorbia milii, known as the Crown of Thorns.
Other prickly succulents, Euphorbia milii enjoy a more sheltered life on the porch with their pretty peach, lemon and bold red coloured flowers, alongside a striking Agave attenuata which is a very architectural plant that just keeps on growing.