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Our objectives here were (1) to sample for exotic parasitoids of euonymus scale in western Massachusetts in 2006 and 2007 at their original release sites, (2) to sample non-release locations to detect parasitoid spread, and (3) to assess effects of exotic parasitoids on the pre-existing parasitoid E.
Euonymus is spreading throughout the site and dominates much of the forest floor, although there are areas dominated by dense patches of Asarum in the southeast corner of the site.
El hallazgo de esta poblacion de Euonymus latifolius supone la primera cita de la especie en la Comunidad Autonoma de Castilla-La Mancha (Mayoral & Gomez-Serrano 2003) y la tercera poblacion conocida en la Peninsula Iberica.
They sport four raised ridges, sometimes called wings, which is where the common name winged euonymus comes from.
Euonymus rank twelfth among the 20 most common ornamental plants used in the multibillion-dollar landscaping industry.
In the winter garden it is amazing how plants which looked dull just a few weeks ago, such as leucothoe, bergenia and euonymus, have taken on their winter colour, with their foliage turning, red and pink tinged.
Some of the most common drought-tolerant plants are the colorful-leaved Euonymus and Photinia.
Charles' favourite tree is one of the euonymus which at the moment has lovely red fruits splitting open.
Northwest and mountain gardeners may already be familiar with many of the plants that produce dramatic fall color--sumac, winged euonymus, and witch hazel are garden standards, especially where cold winters limit the use of many kinds of evergreen shrubs.
Varieties available are Skimmia japonica Rubella (below), Euonymus Fortunei Emerald Gaiety, Euonymus Blonde Beauty, Choisya ternata Sundance, Ceonothus (Californian Lilac) and Leucothoe Scarletta.
An RHS award-winning plant, Euonymus alatus is a deciduous bush with vivid fiery red foliage in autumn followed by red/ purple seed pods which attract birds.
As for shrubs, I spied small colourful collections of species such as Pieris, Hebe 'Red Rum', Lavandula and Euonymus emerald 'n' gold.