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Dwarf conifers are a good bet, along with euonymous, hebe and ivies.
Try gold euonymous emerald and euonymous emerald gaiety in silver and grey/green.
Compact evergreen shrubs such as box (Buxus sempervirens), Hebe "Red Edge" and gold splashed Euonymous fortunei "Emerald 'n' Gold" all have neat, attractive leaves and would look great with a mass of pansies in shades of blue, mauve and yellow.
Euonymous and pittosporum - those old standby, broadleaf evergreen shrubs - are famous for their variegated varieties.
Use variegated foliage like Pieris and gold or silver Euonymous to brighten up the colours and maybe some silver grey Hebes.
Smoke bush Dissectum acers Winged spindle tree Oakleaf hydrangea Ginkgo Stag's Horn Sumach Frame a view Pink euonymous alatus and red rhus typhina lead the eye to a pond and summerhouse
Gold-leafed plants to consider here would include pink breath of heaven (Coleonema pulchrum ``Sunset Gold''), Euonymous japonica ``Aureo-Marginata,'' Bougainvillea ``Raspberry Ice,'' and, for shady exposures, gold dust plant (Aucuba japonica ``Variegata.
Plant a small shrub at the back of the pot such as a berrying pernettya, a variegated euonymous, or a skimmia rubella with flowers or reevesiana with red berries.
These plants and their toxic parts include: English ivy (leaves and berries), Delphinium and foxglove (all parts), Hydrangea (all parts), oak (raw acorns), oleander (all parts), apple, plum and peach (leaves and seeds), privet (leaves and berries), azalea (all parts), bird-of-paradise (seeds and pods), columbine (seeds), chinaberry (all parts), crown-of-thorns and pencil tree (milky sap), euonymous (leaves, bark, seeds), holly (berries), daffodil, hyacinth, naked lady (bulbs) and pregnant onion (all parts).
Use tough shrubs such as hydrangea (above), Mexican orange blossom, euonymous Emerald 'n' Gold, weigela and viburnum for the basic framework and in the first year after planting give them plenty of water to ensure quick establishment.
You can transform dark areas by using pale colours that are luminous in the dark, such as white- flowered honesty or the white variegated form of evergreen euonymous, called Silver Queen.
Tough plants include Euonymous Emerd n Gold, Viburnum tinus, Lavatera Barnsley, Weigela Bristol Ruby, lady's mantle and periwinkles.
ADRIENNE SAYS: : A good combination would be the winter jasmine, Jasminum nudiflorum a variegated ivy, such as Paddy's Pride, and the variegated evergreen Euonymous fortunei.