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Native species offer attractive, often beautiful flowers such as the racemes of clethera and itea, the subtle perfume of Calycanthus, and the unique flowers of Callicarpa and Euonymous.
Hebes, berberis, euonymous and pieris fit the bill perfectly.
Aesthetics: The 16,000 genista and euonymous plants on the north berm are a huge improvement over the tattered ivy and fill-in grass of years past.
Smoke bush Dissectum acers Winged spindle tree Oakleaf hydrangea Ginkgo Stag's Horn Sumach Frame a view Pink euonymous alatus and red rhus typhina lead the eye to a pond and summerhouse
For something daring and different, dense rosettes of ornamental cabbage which produce beautiful pink foliage look wonderful in a low-level basket, coupled with ivy and euonymous or simply left on their own.
Privet hedges, Sweetfern, some Euonymous, Siberian Peashrub, Tamarix and numerous other shrubs should be checked out.
Here are a few ideas to brighten up your garden at this time of year: Pyracantha 'Orange Glow' - evergreen shrub with bright orange berries; euphorbia myrsinites - low growing evergreen perennial; yellowy green flowerheads from late winter to spring; euonymous europaeus (Spindle tree) - native shrub/ small tree; pink lobed fruit which split open to show bright orange seeds.
Plant a small shrub at the back of the pot such as a berrying pernettya, a variegated euonymous, or a skimmia rubella with flowers or reevesiana with red berries.
You can transform dark areas by using pale colours that are luminous in the dark, such as white- flowered honesty or the white variegated form of evergreen euonymous, called Silver Queen.
Gold-leafed plants to consider here would include pink breath of heaven (Coleonema pulchrum ``Sunset Gold''), Euonymous japonica ``Aureo-Marginata,'' Bougainvillea ``Raspberry Ice,'' and, for shady exposures, gold dust plant (Aucuba japonica ``Variegata.
Use variegated foliage like Pieris and gold or silver Euonymous to brighten up the colours and maybe some silver grey Hebes.
Euonymous and pittosporum have somewhat leathery foliage, a characteristic that ensures durability.