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a man who has been castrated and is incapable of reproduction


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The old woman pointed again to the barred windows and then to the door, saying: "And there is the armed eunuch.
From India - the city of Patna to be precise - comes news that 20 eunuchs, resplendent in colourful saris, have been recruited by the authorities as tax collectors.
ISLAMABAD -- The eunuchs, long deprived of their rights, have full and complete protection of inheritance under the Constitutional provisions and they may access Human Rights Wing's helpline for guidance and advocacy in this regard.
Sunil also noticed that eunuchs only gave blessings to households with a boy child.
SWABI -- A transgender person (khusra) and his musician colleague, were killed and three other injured and one of the eunuchs who was abducted after the shooting incident told police that the assailants mistreated him, said district police officer, Sajjad Khan while addressing a press conference here on Monday.
He said that eunuchs will also be provided on a priority basis the opportunities of internship, employment and vocational training.
31 ( ANI ): General elections will see participation of eunuchs, who have decided to jump into the poll fray and give a fight to the prime ministerial candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Narendra Modi from Varanasi constituency in Uttar Pradesh.
KARACHI: The transgender and eunuchs in this metropolis are gearing up to contest the upcoming elections and trying to negotiate with some political parties to provide them their support in some constituencies.
But noble-class eunuchs -- men who were castrated either by accident or because of social benefits -- lived, on average, to the ripe, old age of 70.
CASTRATION can increase a man's lifespan by up to almost 20 years, a study of eunuchs has shown.
It turns out that eunuchs living in Korea centuries ago lived significantly longer than other men, according to historical data.
What's more Luke tells us that the eunuch is reading chapter 53 of Isaiah, just a short turn of the scroll earlier than chapter 56 where the prophet shockingly reverses Torah's exclusion of eunuchs and explicitly welcomes them into the covenant community "with a name better than sons and daughters.
NEW DELHI - At least 14 people were killed and 40 others injured in a fire at a gathering of eunuchs in New Delhi on Sunday, the Press Trust of India reported Monday.
The blaze, which killed more than a dozen people, happened during a gathering of thousands of eunuchs at a prayer ceremony held once every five years (AP Photo/Kevin Frayer) BRAZIL A boat crossing an oil spill in an offshore field operated by Chevron.
The word 'prince' stood for fourteen separate words in Hebrew while Hebrew eunuchs disappeared.