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The decline of Steller sea lions Eumetopias jubatus in Alaska: a review of the nutritional stress hypothesis.
Anthropogenic causes of the western Steller sea lion Eumetopias jubatus population decline and their threat to recovery.
A review of commercial fisheries and the Steller sea lion Eumetopias jubatus: The conflict arena.
Changes in abundance of Steller sea lion Eumetopias jubatus on haulouts Severnoe and Severo-Zapadnoe of Bering Island (Commander Islands), 19862002.
By the 1990's, fishery managers off Alaska began to use MPA's to protect sensitive benthic habitat from the effects of mobile gear (particularly scallop dredges and bottom trawls), and to address concerns regarding potential competition with Steller sea lions, Eumetopias jubatus.
Halpern (2002) examined NMFS management of Steller sea lions, Eumetopias jubatus, as a case study regarding the effects of multi-statute administration on the role of science in environmental management.
Prey of the Steller sea lion, Eumetopias jubatus, in the Gulf of Alaska.
Diet of white sharks from the study area includes salmonids, such as the sockeye salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka; Pacific halibut, Hippoglossus stenolepis; and at least two species of pinniped, the Steller sea lion, Eumetopias jubatus, and the harbor seal, Phoca vitulina richardii.
Decline in abundance of the northern sea lion, Eumetopias jubatus, in 1956-86.
Probably the most interesting example of a hand collection was that of a specimen taken from a Steller sea lion, Eumetopias jubata, in surface water by a sport fisherman at Outer Point near Auke Bay and about 3 mi.
Crossing significant boundaries: evidence of mixed-stock origins of new Steller sea lion, Eumetopias jubatus, rookeries in Southeast Alaska (Abstract).
Common Name Scientific Name California sea lion Zalophus californianus californianus Gray seal Halichoerus grypus Guadalupe fur seal Arctocephalus townsendi Harbor seal (North Atlantic) Phoca vitulina concolor Harbor seal (Pacific) Phoca vitulina richardii Harp seal Pagophilus groenlandicus Hooded seal Cystophora cristata Northern elephant seal Mirounga angustirostris Northern fur seal Callorhinus ursinus Steller sea lion Eumetopias jubatus Table 2.
Recent studies have shown that Steller sea lion, Eumetopias jubatus, mitochondrial DNA is different across the sea lion's range, suggesting that at least two stocks exist, an eastern one (California through southeastern Alaska), and a western one (Prince William Sound and areas west) (Bickham et al.
The paucity of beluga sightings here was not simply an issue of poor visibility, because other marine mammals, such as sea otters, Enhydra lutris; harbor seals, Phoca vitulina; Steller sea lions, Eumetopias jubatus; and harbor porpoise, Phocoena phocoena, were seen in abundance in the lower inlet.
In September 1999, aerial surveys were begun to document the seasonal distribution of Steller sea lions, Eumetopias jubatus, and cetaceans around the Kodiak Archipelago (Wynne (16)).