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(classical mythology) the hideous snake-haired monsters (usually three in number) who pursued unpunished criminals

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Even so, The Eumenides holds an important lesson that remains valid: violence, unchecked by law, will not end.
Dark Eumenides, wide-winged above us Soaring in free space of clear arching sky, Avenging injustice, blood-guilt avenging, Hear me and my cry Imploring, imploring: Forgive the sad son of great Agamemnon, Forgetting the mania, the cruelty of madness--(309).
why a like euphemism was used by the Greeks when speaking of the Furies as the Eumenides [the Kindly Ones]" (Clodd 96), as well as why fairies are called by such varied names as the others, the gentry, or the good people, or the djinn are called the blessed ones (96-97).
The paired poems "To a Young Writer" and "The Young Writer's Reply," from Welcome Eumenides, are monologues involving male writers who contend for position.
34) Only two Greek tragedies are actually located in Delphi: Aeschylus's Eumenides (1234, before the setting is moved to Athens), and Euripides's Ion.
The "bienveillantes" (the kindly ones) are an allusion to the Eumenides in Aeschylus' play, the Furies who pursue Orestes after he murders his mother.
For instance, in "Xena as Ancient Hero," Alison Futrell conducts a close reading of the show's revisions to Aeschylus' The Eumenides, arguing that X:WP's interpretation foregrounds female authority in sharp contrast to its misogynistic disavowal in the original, rewriting Western culture's largely patriarchal foundational myths.
Finally Athena, who knows the furies aren't just going to go away, promises them a place in the depths of the earth and renames them as kindly spirits, the Eumenides.
11) The best way to reveal the Protestant English context of The Old Wives Tale is to demonstrate through close reading how the four related plots, Erestus as the old man at the crossroads and the white bear of England's wood; Lampriscus and his two daughters; Eumenides and Jack versus Sacrapant; and Delia and Venelia, convey meanings related to the matter of Elizabethan England.
The Furies are the ones who help the penitent achieve purgation (hence the name Eumenides, benevolent goddesses).
This, too, is a noteworthy performance of her male association, considering that the Eumenides are women.
The nurses are the Furies, or the Eumenides (Greek for "Kindly Ones").
Like the Furies in the Eumenides, the final play of The Oresteia, Olga's women become "the material and maternal embodiment of revenge" and are prepared to defy all social authority in order to punish those who have transgressed the Furies own, chthonian code of law (Roth 142).
Out of Orestes's trial, presided over by Athena, came the founding legal institutions of Athenian civilization and the peaceful domestication of the previously hostile Eumenides.
Late in the essay Emerson thinks of John Flaxman's drawing of the Eumenides of Aeschylus, in which