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1904, as Eumenes esuriens [misidentification]); Indonesia: Sumatra, Java, Moluccas, Papua; Papua New Guinea; Australia; Philippines; adventive in U.
Type Species: Ectopioglossa australensis Perkins, 1912 [= Eumenes australensis Meade-Waldo, 1910 = Ectopioglossa polita australensis (Meade Waldo)], by monotypy.
64] And Aristophanes[65] was arrested and imprisoned when it was learned that he planned to leave the Mouseion for the court of a rival king, Eumenes II.
Eumenes II was the aforementioned King of Pergamum, which housed a rival library.
As an example of different statements about museum origins, "[i]n 170 BC Eumenes II created what was effectively a museum.
25) The only possible royal army operating in this area at this time would have been that of Eumenes of Cardia (Diod.
Hannibal catapulted earthenware jars filled with venomous snakes during a decisive naval battle against King Eumenes of Pergamum between 190 and 184 BC.
Species Sociality Nest Nest location materials Dolichovespula social vegetation pulp maculata (Linnaeus) Eumenes fraternus Say solitary vegetation mud Polistes annularis (L.
It would have been different, if the Diary (Ephemerides) by Alexander's secretary, Eumenes of Cardia, and the Stages (Stathmoi) by Amyntas, his chief road surveyor, had been preserved.