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a card game similar to ecarte


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According to Euker, these permanently-installed, self-clinching fasteners further promote DFMA objectives.
Huawei's dedicated support resources, understanding of our network requirements and ability to meet our aggressive project delivery dates were key factors in selecting them as our partner for this project," said Greg Euker, Director of IP Networks, Mediacom.
Several candidates who reside in Europe, such as Mustafa Yeneroy-lu from the AK Party, and Ali Atalan, Turgut Euker, Feleknas Uca and Ziya Pir from HDP, have entered Parliament, according to the unofficial results of Sunday's election.
Perhaps most important," continues Euker, "this box passes Agilent's stringent series of shake, shock and humidity tests.
Now, one of those 'Alevis without Ali' has chosen as deputy candidate [referring to former president of the Confederation of European Alevi Unions Turgut Euker, who will run on behalf of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) in the upcoming June 7 parliamentary election].
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