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an organism with cells characteristic of all life forms except primitive microorganisms such as bacteria


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Such predation may have driven single- and multicelled eukaryotes to evolve innovations such as skeletons and the ability to burrow as they fought to survive.
However, many eukaryotes carry several such enzymes--indeed, mammalian (including human) cells are endowed with no less than 10.
Both also have thriving and diverse populations of eukaryotes, especially fungi and ciliates, protists with hair-like structures.
The most interesting thing about the billion-year interval is that despite the rise of oxygen and eukaryotes, the first steps forward were small and remarkably unchanging over a very long period, with oxygen likely remaining low in the atmosphere and ocean and with marine life dominated by bacteria rather than diverse and large populations of more complex eukaryotes.
Protein Phylogenetics and Signature Sequences: A Reappraisal of Evolutionary Relationship Among Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, and Eukaryotes.
Each one of the organisms, belonging to any of the category of virus, bacteria or eukaryotes manoeuvres function of the host thereby contributing significantly to its pathogenesis.
With wireless technology linked to automatic monitoring kit to monitor things like TDS (total dissolved solids, which if high is a strong indicator of lack of due care and attention by the cooling tower owner/operator), coulter counters, active bacteria destruction kit such as, but not limited to, UV or UV coupled to sonicators or a pressure cylinder (akin to the Hugh's Press) for disrupting possible host eukaryotes (e.
As an evolutionary innovation, eukaryotes have a nucleus that houses the DNA and is surrounded by an envelope.
Among them are the immuno-histo-chemical study of D-serine, preparing a polyclonal antiserum against D-asparte, inducing muscle contraction in silkworm larva with D-glutamic acid, a primary study of the D-amino acid accumulation system, whether D-amino acids are prevalent among eukaryotes, evaluating their nutrition, and determining D-amino acids in food and beverages using gas chromatography.
The eukaryotes identified belonged to broad taxa, including Metazoa, Protozoa, and Fungi.
The lower eukaryotes, which ordinarily produce high-mannose containing N-glycans, including unicellular and multicellular fungi are modified to produce N-glycans such as Man.
Eukaryotes are typically more complex in structure and thus are easier to study in the fossil record.
Kornberg was the first to create an actual picture of this process at the molecular level, in the important group of organisms called eukaryotes.
An internal representation of the external world is created in the brain of all eukaryotes by a mechanism that detects chemicals in the environment.
This initiative will support basic research to define the mechanisms of action by which the innate immune system recognizes and responds to the food and waterborne eukaryotes classified as NIAID Category B priority protozoan pathogens ( Cryptosporidium parvum, Cyclospora cayetanensis, Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica, Toxoplasma, and Microsporidia) (http://www2.