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Já os taxons Cyanobacteria, Chrysophyta e Euglenophyta, representaram menos de 0,5% do total observado no trato digestório (Figura 1, Tabela 2,).
This is confirmed by data of Mets (1992) for 1992 when in the northeastern and western coastal areas of the lake species from the family Cryptomonas and the phylum Euglenophyta were found.
Bacillariophyta was represented by 28, Chlorophyta by 25, Cyanophyta by 11, Heterokontophyta by 7, Cryptophyta by 3, Pyrrophyta by 2, and Euglenophyta by 1 species, respectively (Table 1).
Koch (1976) recorded 91 taxa of Chlorophyta, 64 of Cyanophyta, 6 of Chrysophyta (excluding diatoms), and 1-3 each of Pyrrhophyta, Euglenophyta, and Xanthophyta.
2006) Chlorophyll a 3 Plantae, Algae Pheophytin b 2 Chl b derivative (Plantae, Chlorophya, Euglenophyta) Pheophytin a 1 Chl a derivative (Plantae, Algae) [beta]-Carotene 1 Plantae, Algae Lutein 1 Chlorophya, Euglenophyta, Plantae Alloxanthin 1 Cryptophyta Diatoxanthin 2 Bacillariophyta, Dinophyta, Chrysophyta Zeaxanthin 1 Cyanobacteria (Chlorophya) Echinenone 1 Cyanobacteria Myxoxanthophyll 2 Colonial Cyanobacteria