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the study of methods of improving genetic qualities by selective breeding (especially as applied to human mating)

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What is more, the authors then demonstrate the close relationship between American reformers (and philanthropists) and Gennan eugenicists.
To prevent the "feebleminded" from reproducing, American eugenicists urged the court to implement compulsory sterilization laws, which became reality for thirty-two American states between 1907 and the 1930's.
This is not because evolutionists are by necessity eugenicists, as some modern creationists would have us believe.
Eugenicists argued that if a nation developed methods to ensure that those with desired characteristics bred in greater numbers (termed "positive eugenics") while at the same time diminishing the breeding of those with undesirable characteristics (termed "negative eugenics"), the species would be improved (Kevles, 1985).
The eugenics movement called for greater control of the state over its people; by improving its "human stock," each state could expect, eugenicists argued, to be strengthened.
Liberal eugenicists, therefore, confront the horns of a dilemma.
And insofar as the Nazis were eugenicists and militarists, their ideology was a species of social Darwinism.
Fair organizers thrilled to the concentration of eugenicists at the fair and wrote to the organizers of the Race Betterment Foundation, "You represent the very spirit, the very ideal of this great Exposition that we have created here.
Eugenicists favored sterilization of severely retarded people.
In her discussions, she argues that an apparent 'marriage of convenience' between feminists, arguing for birth control, and eugenics was mainly propagated by eugenicists.
At home Malthusians worried about the over-breeding of the lower classes while eugenicists bewailed the decline of the fertility of the "fit.
Theis divides her study by maternal roles: teachers, representatives of nature, creators, and eugenicists.
In one of history's droller ironies, Margaret Sanger, "the 'Godmother' of Planned Parenthood and one of the most strident racialists and eugenicists of Boas's day, remains in our time a heroine to the leftwing relativists who are the intellectual heirs of Franz Boas.
Solonari provides portraits of Romanian eugenicists such as Iuliu Moldovan and his disciples.
18) Eugenicists encouraged educating the young on eugenic principles, but also advocated teaching about sex hygiene, venereal disease, pregnancy and child care, in order to impress on the young their responsibility for reproducing a healthy race.