Eugenia uniflora

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Brazilian tree with spicy red fruit

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Analise estrutural de folhas de Eugenia uniflora L.
Micromorphological and anatomical alterations caused by simulated acid rain in resting plants: Eugenia uniflora and Clusia Hilariana.
The specific rotation of Eugenia uniflora essential oils obtained from fresh leaves was analyzed in a JASCO apparatus (UK).
Identification of impact aroma compounds in Eugenia uniflora L.
Studies on the essential oils composition, antibacterial and cytotoxicity of Eugenia uniflora L.
Using thermocouples and a computerized data logger we measured a range of temperatures in the 4 major hosts of Anastrepha suspensa (Loew), the Caribbean fruit fly: (Surinam cherry, Eugenia uniflora L.
Eugenia uniflora, is much more abundant than the non-invasive Eugenia because it has long been used as a hedge plant, and probably produces more potentially invasive seeds.
Diptera, Cecidomyiidae, Lasiopteridi) associated with Eugenia uniflora L.