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French writer whose novels described the sordid side of city life (1804-1857)


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Esa hipotesis explicaria las dos grandes novedades en las consultas del periodo: las obras A Salamandra y A Gorgone, de dos escritores celebres por entonces, Eugene Sue y Joseph Gabriel de la Landelle.
Eugene Sue, author of the maritime novel of the slave trade Atar-Gull, was lovers with Olympe Pelissier, who, in turn, received the Duc de Duras (the widower of Ourika's author) in her salon (p.
As for Eugene Sue, once again, in 1950 Nabokov was surely almost alone in remembering his name, for the purpose of blaming him for Dostoevsky, and yet now he occupies almost as much space as Flaubert in nineteenth-century French studies.
But so are such figures as the novelist Eugene Sue and the playwrights Kotzebue and Pixerecourt whose mysteries and melodramas were the bestsellers of their time.
In discussing Marx's lengthy tract on the sentimental novelist Eugene Sue, Wheen suggests a contemporary equivalent would be a book-length attack by George Steiner on the demerits of The Bridges of Madison Country.
In his introductory note the author explains that the syntagm which he uses, "tapissos francs" (French tapestries), reverts to the opening sentence of Les mysteres de Paris (by Eugene Sue, 1842-43).
The chief source of this all-out assault in the middle years of the century was the prestigious College de France, and the chief attackers were the distinguished historians, Jules Michelet (1798-1874) and Edgar Quinet (1803-1875), joined by the novelist Eugene Sue (1804-1857) with his depiction of Jesuit intrigue in The Wandering Jew.
Dyer Knott, who received a note from Dickens about a Eugene Sue autograph.
Karl May and Eugene Sue, Scott and Tolstoy, Le Carre and The Godfather, as well as real-life adventurers Alain Gerbault and Colonel Oliver North, are all energetically yoked to his central arguments.
Eugene Sue for SK Global, noted that its customers were excited about the ACCELERATOR 4000's ability to provide unprecedented network performance.
Entonces yo leia malas traducciones del frances de las novelas de Paul Bourget, Pierre Loti y Eugene Sue, que formaban parte de la biblioteca de mi padre, hasta que un dia aparecio en mi casa un numero de Mexico en la Cultura y ahi descubri algo que iba a marcarme de por vida: un adelanto de La region mas transparente, la primera novela de Carlos Fuentes, que ya cumplio medio siglo de su publicacion.
The succession of major writers discussed chronologically in the 14 chapters of the book includes Voltaire, Stael, Gouges, Duras, Merimee, Cesaire, Glissant, and Conde, plus some less often discussed authors such as Eugene Sue, Edouard Corbiere, and Baron Roger.
On y rencontre non seulement Lamartine, Eugene Sue, George Sand et Francois Buloz, mais aussi les phares du socialisme militant et ouvrier : Louis Blanc, Charles Fourier, Agricol Perdiguier, Victor Considerant sans oublier Prosper Enfantin et Eugenie Niboyet.
Already, in the nineteenth century Home is weak on this: quoting Eugene Sue and Hugo being melodramatic on poverty is like using Dickens' set pieces on Jacobs Island or Seven Dials to discuss the London working classes.
He sees it, rather, to be a reply to socialist Eugene Sue and, as such, a more subtly interesting work shedding light on Balzac's ideological preoccupations, which were, after all, reactionary in the true sense of the term.