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French playwright (1791-1861)


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As the first and only collaboration between two giants in the opera milieu, Rossini and the librettist Eugene Scribe, Le comte Ory was an intriguing departure from the works presented on the stage of the Paris Opera during the period: it is short (only two acts), comic, with musical roots in Italian opera, and a textual background in vaudeville.
In any case, White points out that, as a general rule in the grand operas of Eugene Scribe, 'the influence of literature [.
NEW YORK A Metropolitan Opera presentation of the opera in five acts (two intermissions) with music by Fromental Halevy and libretto hy Eugene Scribe.
Louise Bertin's score for La Esmeralda receives little attention, since Gerhard is more interested in comparing her librettist, Victor Hugo, with Eugene Scribe.
I don't know what the big deal is: The French playwright Eugene Scribe discovered it over 150 years ago.
Es el caso, por ejemplo, del Verdi de Un baile de mascaras, obra inspirada inicialmente en un drama historico de Eugene Scribe (Gustavo III o el baile de mascaras), y cuya primera version de Antonio Somma se apegaba lo mas posible a la tragedia del citado monarca sueco del siglo XVIII.
Of no less interest is the question of how the librettists Germain Delavigne and Eugene Scribe skated around the watchful Restoration censors with their potentially inflammatory backdrop of popular revolt in seventeenth-century Naples.
Berlioz was interested in submitting another work to the Paris Opera and approached the librettist Eugene Scribe about collaborating on a project.
Fromental Halevy's five-act opera La Juive to a libretto by Eugene Scribe enjoyed enormous success following its premiere at the Paris Opera in 1835.