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United States playwright (1888-1953)

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Egri's respective examples range from the intricate poetic structures he pinpoints in "Proteus" to the symbols and visions in the early plays of Eugene O'Neill.
William Davies King's collection of the correspondence between Eugene O'Neill and Agnes Boulton (his wife between 1918 and 1929), and Thomas F.
By trading names with Edmund in the play, Eugene O'Neill could acknowledge his bond to both dead brothers as well as place himself at the center of the fraternal equation: As Jamie was to Edmund, so was I to Jamie, an accomplice in my brother's death.
Nevertheless, Eugene O'Neill is secure on his plinth as one of the towering figures in American theater.
Swansea-born Zeta-Jones, 42, herself an Oscar winner, handed the annual Monte Cristo award to Douglas at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Centre in New York.
Loar's riotous The Complete & Condensed Stage Directions of Eugene O'Neill Volume 1: Early Plays/Lost Plays, which was a smash Off Broadway last fall, plays at Arena Stage's Eugene O'Neill Festival in Washington, D.
Langer's term) forgoing the professorial distance of traditional criticism to explore his subject, dramatist Eugene O'Neill, through interaction with the components and entireties of his works.
Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; book by Hugh Wheeler * Directed and designed by John Doyle * Starring Michael Eerveris, Patti LuPone, Manoel Feliciano * Eugene O'Neill Theatre, New York (open-ended run)
He's enjoyed battles with the likes of Paul Shelley, Eugene O'Neill and Declan Ryan in recent Tipp-Clare matches and this promises to be a bruising encounter.
Two rarities by Lope de Vega and Eugene O'Neill will have a brief outing at Stratford in the next few weeks, in productions directed by two of this RSC season's assistant directors.
Writers such as Ridgely Torrence, Marc Connelly, Paul Green, and Eugene O'Neill, among others, made use of Afro-American materials for what they understood as "the extraordinary richness of his daily life" (Bigsby 237).
If the audience at the Eugene O'Neill doesn't believe that this guy is disabled, they'll never believe the rest of the story.
All God's Chillun Got Wings by Eugene O'Neill opened at the Provincetown Playhouse in New York City.
Williams -- from whose pen came stunning unforgettable characters, powerful portraits of the human condition and an incredible vision of life in the South -- stands with Eugene O'Neill and Arthur Miller as one of the three quintessentially eminent American playwrights.