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French dramatist (born in Romania) who was a leading exponent of the theater of the absurd (1912-1994)


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L'opera di Eugene Ionesco, per la sua complessita, offre molteplici possibilite di comprensione e di interpretazione.
Entre otros articulos, se pueden mencionar los dedicados a la obra de los hermanos Grimm, al teatro del absurdo de Eugene Ionesco, a una edicion bilingue de una fabula de La Fontaine, a una version didactica de Pinocho, o a diversas facetas de la obra de Shakespeare, Pushkin, Dostoyevski y John Henry Newman.
The author, in comparing Moliere with followers such as Jacques Copeau, Jean Cocteau, Jean Giraudoux, and Eugene Ionesco, provides convincing solutions to lingering questions about the impromptu: What was its function?
The second play is El-Kanaba (the sofa), directed by Ahmed Fouad, who presents in his play an 'Egyptianisation' of the famous 'Frenzy for Two or More' written by Eugene Ionesco.
Romanian playwright Eugene Ionesco once said: "Ideologies separate us.
Marcus has been compared to Franz Kafka, Eugene Ionesco, and Jose Saramago, kindred spirits of the surreal, and readers "are plunged into the unbelievable with art and artifice" (Cleveland Plain Dealer).
A French art critic greeted one of his exhibitions with the farcical title of "Ubu--du Bluf--Dubufet," at irst sharply criticizing him and then reluctantly recognizing his complexity, aligning Dubuffet with Eugene Ionesco and the theater of the absurd.
O de otras que no pasaron hace tanto, apenas en el siglo XX, pero que hoy vemos ya muy lejanas, como sus primeros 25 anos, como el teatro de Eugene Ionesco, como lo que decia Cortazar sobre el cuento; o como la vida de las pobres de lentejuela, que eran las rumberas; o el origen de la Victorinox, la tipica navaja suiza.
Written by Eugene Ionesco, under the title "Frenzy for Two or More," the absurd and covertly political play lends itself well to an Egyptian context, where the unfolding of everyday life is no less absurd in relation to its surreal political realities.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Performance of the play Exit the King (Le Roi se meurt) by Eugene Ionesco began on Friday at al-Hamra Theater, directed by Kamil Abu Saab.
Carson was driven by some "memory of paradise," as playwright Eugene Ionesco put it.
Norton Herrick, Michael Edwards & Carole Winter, Daniel Sparrow/Mike Walsh, Shubert Organization presentation, bused on a production originally commissioned and produced by Company B and Malthouse Melbourne, of a play in two acts Eugene Ionesco, adapted by Nell Armfield and Geoffrey Rush.
After an impressive review of theoretical literature on the nature of the absurd and a quick look at elements of Shakespeare and the more obvious Sterne and Swift for antecedents to the twentieth-century absurd, Part II moves rapidly through an overview of Fernando Pessoa, Antonin Artaud, Albert Camus, Eugene Ionesco, Harold Pinter, and the OBERIU.
HERE are two superb productions-but their inanities left me wondering whether Eugene Ionesco, who wrote both plays, was simply laughing at his audience.
Running in repertoire is a Eugene Ionesco double bill of The Lesson and The Bald Prima Donna, which opens on Monday, directed by Colin Simmonds and Kelly Manteli respectively.