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Austrian general in the service of the Holy Roman Empire during the War of the Spanish Succession (1663-1736)

a city in western Oregon on the Willamette River

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The gloomy Eugene too, is not without some kindred touch; for, when that appalling Lady Tippins declares that if Another had survived, he should have gone down at the head of her list of lovers--and also when the mature young lady shrugs her epaulettes, and laughs at some private and confidential comment from the mature young gentleman--his gloom deepens to that degree that he trifles quite ferociously with his dessert-knife.
Breeden, 24, and Julieta Hernandez, 23, both of Eugene.
Also offered at BJ's in Eugene is a variety of BJ's microbrewed beers which are being produced for the restaurant by BJ's brewery in Brea, Calif.
Maxfield - Victor Maxfield, 74, of Eugene, died Oct.
DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 9, 1997--In a decided departure from past practices, Mobil Pipe Line Company is marketing the Eugene Island Flowline System and Burns Terminal to third-party companies, with the intent of reaching potential offshore participants in the Gulf of Mexico area.
Clemens - Sarah Erickson, of Springfield, and Alexander Clemens, of Eugene, a son.
Centennial Bancorp is a bank holding company organized in Eugene in 1981, whose principal subsidiary is Centennial Bank, also with headquarters in Eugene.
Kennedy - Sadie and Hanley Kennedy, of Eugene, a daughter.
The building is currently the Eugene branch of West One Bank, and will become South Umpqua State Bank's first Eugene branch, on July 1, 1996.
Scott - Ashlie Becerra and Brad Scott, of Eugene, a son.
Sacramento to Bellingham, Eugene, Moses Lake, Port Angeles,
Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce/Business Oregon - "Exporting Oregon products to Saudia Arabia.
Noteboom - Erika and Aaron Noteboom, of Eugene, a daughter.
Spokane to Bellingham, Eugene, Redmond, Sacramento, Twin
Ernest - David Ernest, 55, of Eugene, died April 25.