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Austrian general in the service of the Holy Roman Empire during the War of the Spanish Succession (1663-1736)

a city in western Oregon on the Willamette River

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Lucka, 18, and Eugen, 19, are both studying mechanical engineering and have been putting their computer-aided design (CAD) knowledge to good use.
Eugen lived in coal sheds and cellars until he reached his saviours.
rs rs Eugen lived in cellars until he reached his saviours - a non-Jewish family who hated the Nazis despite having a son in the Hitler Youth.
This UK organization decided to develop, produce, and market this project globally inspired by Eugen Sandow bringing the life, story, and inspiration of the father of body building providing emotive dramatic imagery and purpose; and which provide a 'message' to mankind.
CDATA[ Eugen and Jeanie Gluck dedicate a garden with a breathtaking view of the hills of the Efraim that is in itself a venue for learning.
The winner of the German Book Prize 2011 is Eugen Ruge for his novel "In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts" (Rowohlt).
She's the daughter of Patricia and Eugen Alexandrescu of Northboro.
pounds 281 Fly to Vienna and enjoy three days at the four-star Hotel Prinz Eugen, with the flight leaving Cardiff on Wednesday, March 23.
Karl Hehl, one of the two sons of the founder of Arburg, Arthur Hehl, and for many years managing partner with his brother Eugen, died unexpectedly on November 24 at the age of 87.
The cross and the star; the post-Nietzschean Christian and Jewish thought of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy and Franz Rosenzweig.
However, goalkeeper Jens Lehmann was sent off after 87 minutes and then Eugen Polanski converted a penalty to claim a point and move Mainz above Wolfsburg and Eintracht Frankfurt.
PORTSMOUTH manager Paul Hart is frustrated by the transfer ban which stopped him signing free agent Eugen Bopp.
drama performances bringing a very special royal guest back to life - the 19th-century leader of the Scandinavian art world HRH Prince Eugen of Sweden (see the current exhibition, Northern Lights: Swedish Landscapes from the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm).
SWEDISH landscapes is the focus of a new exhibition at the Barber Institute in Birmingham and features works by 20 artists including the dramatist August Strindberg and the royal Prins Eugen.
The 43-10 chance, making his first start in Group company after five handicap wins, was sent to the front a furlong from home by Eugen Frank, and soon put the issue beyond doubt.