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Along the way and through the years, Eudora absorbed her mother's vast knowledge about horticulture, and she inherited her passion for gardening.
Eudora also corresponded and shared plants with such noted Southern garden writers as Elizabeth Lawrence and Henry Mitchell.
Throughout the book, there are historic photographs of Eudora, her mother, the garden, and a bygone Jackson.
Since 2006, when the original Eudora application was abandoned, Qualcomm, the owners of Eudora, chose to use Mozilla Thunderbird as the new base for future version of Eudora, and the Penelope project at Mozilla Messaging was born.
With the move to the Thunderbird core Eudora also uses the Thunderbird database for storing mail instead of the old Eudora mechanism.
So what does Eudora OSE add over and above Thunderbird:
See the annual "Checklist of Scholarship," published in the Eudora Welty Newsletter summer issue, for mentions, theses, and dissertations that may not be included here.
Eudora Welty Newsletter, the University of Toledo's Carlson Library, on-line scholarly databases, internet searches, and the occasional helpful reply from authors, thesis/dissertation advisors, and/or publishers provided this checklist's information.
Eu WN Eudora Welty Newsletter Expl Explicator JSSE Journal of the Short Story in English MissQ Mississippi Quarterly NMW Notes on Mississippi Writers NYT New York Times NYTBR New York Times Book Review NYTM New York Times Magazine POMPA Publications of the Mississippi Philological Association SAF Studies in American Fiction SCRev South Central Review SLJ Southern Literary Journal SoAR South Atlantic Review SoQ Southern Quarterly: A Journal of Arts in the South SoR Southern Review SoSt Southern Studies SSF Studies in Short Fiction
This ethanol promotion at the Eudora KWIK Shop is a good opportunity to try the E10 unleaded and save some money at the same time.
Eudora has a long-standing reputation for providing benefits to individual, small office and enterprise e-mail users, and Eudora 6.
With unwanted mail selected, a simple click on the "Junk" command in the message menu trains Eudora that the selected e-mail is junk.
Anyone who gets too much spam will benefit from upgrading to Eudora 6.
To install Eudora, all I had to do was double click on the EXE icon.
The e-mail acknowledging the payment includes a code number and my Eudora automatically switched to the full mode when I read it.