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a space in which Euclid's axioms and definitions apply

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With this spatial enclosure, gravity and Euclidian space are suspended, allowing Dom and Ariadne to walk up a street in a ninety-degree angle, not quite, but almost like Frank Poole (Gary Lockwood) jogging around the Ferris wheel structure of the spaceship in Kubrick's 2001--a Space Odyssey (1968).
p]), which form some local coordinates on an Euclidian space E.
This group (more exactly, algebra) is a q-deformation of the universal enveloping algebra U(so(5)) which corresponds to the classical group SO(5) of the rotations in 5-dimensional Euclidian space.
It is an uneasy mix of new and older perceptual modalities--for example, of itineraries and durations within zones of Euclidian space continually interspersed with the shifting dimensions of digital and video simulation.
It is necessary to go beyond the Euclidian space with three orthogonal axes.