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a space in which Euclid's axioms and definitions apply

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1) Significantly the viewer is forced to concentrate on the process of the moment by moment narration with its striking images of dream architecture of trompe I'oeil mazes, Euclidian space turned upside down and gravity defied, gunfights and chase scenes evocative of the Jason Bourne and James Bond films, real-time and slowed-down dream-time, and four dream levels down to "limbo," a state of "raw subconsciousness," where a few seconds of real time can last decades or even an infinity.
We will give the explicit forms of the Neumann's functions and the solution of the Neumann problem for the upper half-space of the n-th dimensional euclidian space [R.
We first postulate the existence of a 3D Euclidian space containing a large number of material points (point masses).
The idea investigated in this paper was to create a Euclidian space knowing only the distances between any two points.
p]), which form some local coordinates on an Euclidian space E.
This group (more exactly, algebra) is a q-deformation of the universal enveloping algebra U(so(5)) which corresponds to the classical group SO(5) of the rotations in 5-dimensional Euclidian space.
It is Euclidian space that expands our view of how spatial cognition works using imagery.