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dividing an area into zones or sections reserved for different purposes such as residence and business and manufacturing etc

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The Euclidean zoning scheme is designed to be progressive.
device, Smart Growth adds to Euclidean zoning a response to the impacts
Traditional Euclidean Zoning divides a city into use districts, and prescribes architectural and structural regulations as well as the permissible uses for buildings in each district.
Planned unit developments, or cluster zoning, introduce flexibility into the rezoning process by replacing the lot-by-lot requirements of Euclidean Zoning with a site plan review process, under which the overall density of the preexisting Euclidean Zoning remains in place, but the placement of individual improvements may be clustered.
Some municipalities and counties are even rethinking the concept of what a zoning code is and how it should work, replacing fundamental aspects developed during three-quarters of a century of Euclidean zoning (6) in favor of form-based codes.