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a space in which Euclid's axioms and definitions apply

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n matrix then the Euclidean norm and spectral norm of A is denoted by [parallel]A[[parallel].
If the Euclidean norm of the difference between ([a.
A right Euclidean norm is defined similarly, except that in condition (*) we have a = bq + r.
14) to zero the second component while preserving the Euclidean norm using (4.
Note that when the Euclidean norm is used in the multivariate case, the upper bounding functions are envelopes of circular cones with parallel symmetry axes.
The above expressions for running times are unchanged when the problem is specified using any Minkowski norm instead of the Euclidean norm.
n+1], [parallel] a[parallel] denotes the Euclidean norm.
This allows us to obtain minimum Euclidean norm solutions.
1] A is a compact space for the metric (Euclidean distance) d induced on A by the Euclidean norm of [R.
e] and e we have the Euclidean norm, instead of the energy one from (2.
4) is general, though in practice the standard Euclidean norm is employed.