Euclidean geometry

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(mathematics) geometry based on Euclid's axioms

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While all students have generally been exposed to Euclidean geometry, most do not know much about non-Euclidean geometries and are very intrigued, if at times baffled, by this different perspective.
After Gauss, it was still reasonable to think that, although Euclidean geometry was not necessarily true (in the logical sense) it was still empirically true: after all, draw a triangle, cut it up and put the angles together and they will form a straight line.
These map the same reality in different ways, like Euclidean geometry and Riemannian geometry.
These three places are all MADE and do not seek to describe the body but indicate its place, using the Euclidean geometry of architecture in an un-inscribed Arctic environment.
Upon the Euclidean geometry of the house--a cellular cube with a flat lid--is mounted another, unstable geometry in which volumes of whatever description fold like breaths alternately in and out.
A wail text explains that architecture's recent investigations "challenge the rational clarity and perfect totalities of Euclidean geometry, producing works of disconcerting fragmentation but also delirious beauty.
The company's innovative use of fractal geometry to antenna design has underpinned unique benefits in terms of size and efficiency that conventional Euclidean geometry is incapable of matching.
The formula v*w = ||v|| ||w||cos ([theta]) links the algebra of vector coordinates to the Euclidean geometry of lengths and angles, and consequently is a key formula in basic mathematics that enters into numerous mathematical disciplines, both pure and applied.
As McClintock, paraphrasing Lincoln, remarked, ``You cannot disprove Euclidean geometry by calling Euclid a liar.
One of the great unanswered questions of astrophysics has been whether space has a flat Euclidean geometry or is curved.
Egypt, the Mideast, and China all had important mathematical discoveries early in history; only the Greeks developed the rhetoric, a logical proof by axiomatic method as we see in Euclidean geometry.
of New York-New Paltz) sets out the basic content of Euclidean geometry beginning with a small set of intuitive axioms from which the entire field is derived.
One could put the point anachronistically by imagining a first-order axiomatization of Euclidean geometry.
It is also known as a type of non-Euclidean Geometry, being in many respects similar to Euclidean Geometry.