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Cummings explores various underrepresented texts and thinkers to enrich eucharistic thought on the part of all Christians, and Bullard provides a look into how he and other Baptists are rethinking the Lord's Supper by engaging Catholic and Protestant theologians at a quite detailed level.
Due to Macy's essay, as well as to Isabelle Brian's focusing only on eucharistic devotion outside the Mass and not on the Tridentine liturgical reforms, the volume is weak as regards the pre-Reformation and Tridentine Catholic Church.
The second section will be a contemplative synthesis in the course of which we will have the opportunity to experience and admire a few representations of Our Lady, as Eucharistic woman.
Holding the congress in the Philippines will help prepare the country for its 2021 celebration of the 500th anniversary of its evangelization, said Archbishop Piero Marini, president of the Pontifical Committee for International Eucharistic Congresses.
of Arizona, this history examines the important and often volatile role played by the interpretation of the Eucharist in Protestant religion, through a focus on how Eucharistic controversy was played out among non-theologians, describing the actions and roots of activism for anti-corporeal belief in the Eucharist's symbolism among all members of society in Augsburg.
Thousands of pilgrims and members Church will come to Dublin for the 50th International Eucharistic Congress this June in Croke Park.
Around the same time, elevations of the bread and the wine were added to the eucharistic prayer at Mass.
When one compares the Lambeth Conference resolution with the Cardinal Cassidy's letter and Clarifications, one has a much clearer sense of the official rapprochement on the eucharist between Anglicans and Roman Catholics, and the degree of common ground the two churches stand on as they encounter the Risen Lord in the eucharistic mystery.
Concisely describing the concept of the Paschal mystery and its role in the Eucharistic Liturgy, The Way Of Mystery clearly explains the liturgy of the eucharist as a fundamental source of spiritual renewal and strength.
Benedict, Oregon) presents Eucharistic Doctors: A Theological History as an informed, informative, and scholarly theological study of the Christian ritual of the Eucharist.
However, Cochrane also expresses agreement with Zwingli that eucharistic eating and drinking neither create nor even strengthen faith, since they are not means of grace.
Steiger shows it to be fundamental not just to Luther's Christology and eucharistic teaching (where it is especially important as guaranteeing the ubiquity of the eucharistic body and blood of Christ) but to his anthropology, doctrine of justification, exegesis, pastoral theology, and theology of creation.
Individuals and religious leaders are encouraged to organize dioceses, parishes, prayer groups and schools with rosary rallies, Eucharistic Adoration, and other prayer and vigil events.
She takes her Eucharistic ministry seriously and gives an average of five to six home communions a week, traveling across Lancaster and as far away as Leisure Lake mobile home park.
The Eucharistic community is a paradigm of a communal response to human hunger, one which offers an alternative vision of what constitutes a peaceful social body -- one that is, perhaps, comparably easy to envision since its embodiment can be touched, tasted, and swallowed.