Eucalyptus regnans

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tree having wood similar to the alpine ash

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Wildfires are common in dry and arid environments such as Australia, but Eucalyptus regnans has evolved a unique dependency on fire for regeneration.
The proposed full factorial experimental design framework has been successfully implemented in a detailed study of the mechanical behavior of Eucalyptus regnans during bending for industrial applications (Fig.
Investigation into the mechanical behaviour of Eucalyptus regnans during microwave bending.
The species are Eucalyptus delegatensis, which yields alpine ash, white top stringybark, gum-top stringybark and wooly butt; Eucalyptus obliqua or messmate stringybark and brown-top stringybark; and Eucalyptus regnans, also known as mountain ash, stringy gum and swamp gum.
The strength characteristics of regrowth Eucalyptus regnans were investigated by Kloot (1957).
Treated and untreated Eucalyptus regnans sapwood specimens were exposed horizontally belowground to a range of economically important species of subterranean termites and wood-rotting fungi at three test sites in Australia.
Specimens (25 by 50 by 300 mm long) were cut from the sapwood of a single Eucalyptus regnans F.