Eucalyptus maculata

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Synonyms for Eucalyptus maculata

large gum tree with mottled bark

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Soares CRF, Grazziotti PH, Siqueira JO, Carvalho JG, Moreira FMS (2001) Toxidez de zinco no crescimento e nutricao de Eucalyptus maculata e Eucalyptus urophylla em solucao nutritiva.
Soares CRFS, Siqueira JO, Carvalho JG, Moreira FM (2005) Fitotoxidez de cadmio para Eucalyptus maculata e E.
Another important eucalyptus tree indigenous to Australia is the Eucalyptus maculata, also known as spotted gum.
The dimensional stability of hardboard made from high-density Eucalyptus maculata improved as the drainage time in-creased, while the opposite effect was found for boards made from low-density Eucalyptus obliqua [9].