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a dictionary giving the historical origins of each word

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The Online Etymology Dictionary reminds us that the English 'bless' further evolved to mean 'to pronounce or make happy, prosperous or fortunate.
According to The English Etymology Dictionary (2016), the etymology of "grey" constituent is not clear, although it has nothing to do with colour.
Lithuanian word kurtas, according to data from various resources provided by lithuanian Etymology Dictionary, may have been the loan from Slavonic languages (Polish chart, Russian [phrase omitted] [phrase omitted]) (LEAD 2016).
repeat,' also 'break off,' [as in] something that causes a song to 'break off' then resume" Source: Online Etymology Dictionary.
It was also attested in Latin as Hunnus, ultimately from Turkic Hun-yu according to Harper's Online etymology dictionary.
This term emerged as early as 1626--for fugitives from slavery in the West Indies, according to the Online Etymology Dictionary, and he admits he is not the first to apply the term to the Seminole freedmen.
According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, in 1777 the word meant "the whole body of men declared by law amenable to military service, without enlistment, whether armed and drilled or not.
This quotation is posted on a page at the Online Etymology Dictionary (http://www.