James Hogg

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Scottish writer of rustic verse (1770-1835)


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JAMES HOGG" is the author of an article published in Blackwood's which announces the discovery of the mummy, pricking the curiosity of Edinburgh gentlemen, and the Ettrick Shepherd, "the very man we wanted to make our party complete" (246), is the agrarian figure to whom those figures are directed during their search for the article's author.
The poem is full of tongue-in-cheek addresses by the Ettrick Shepherd to the Maid of Dunedin, who personifies the poetry-reading public as embodied by the fashionable young women of Hogg's Edinburgh.
It is dedicated to the memory of James Hogg, a 19th-century writer - nicknamed the Ettrick Shepherd - from nearby Ettrick.
There's a Scottish poet James Hogg, The Ettrick Shepherd, who said: 'I spent my youth trying to lose my innocence and succeeded in finding a higher form of innocence.
Any other country would be satisfied with ALLAN RAMSAY, JAMES HOGG, THE ETTRICK SHEPHERD, WALTER SCOTT of the Ballads, and RLS of "Under the wide and starry sky".