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an ancient country in central Italy

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According to this proposal, Italy would become a federal union formed by three republics: the Northern Republic, Padania, the Etrurian Republic in the centre, and the Southern Republic.
Who, then, were these Etrurian people that had a hand in history and were then unaccountably forgotten?
compeers roamed the Etrurian and Thessalian hills, or with Humboldt
The researchers say that analyses of some pottery from South Tuscany suggest that this archaic blend was also drunk by Etrurians, a population that knew vine before the Greek arrived in Italy.
The Chinese have ten previous ages, and the Etrurians, the Visuddhi Magga, the Bahman Yost, the Annalos of Cuauhtitlan, the Sybylline Books, and the Mayas all report seven previous worlds, while the Polynesians and Icelanders have nine.