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an ancient country in central Italy

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From the pre-historic Italian people to the Greeks, from the Phoenicians to the Latins, from the Etrurian to the Roman period, from the crisis of the empire to the first barbaric invasions: ancient Italy in all its splendor documented in a single great series.
According to this proposal, Italy would become a federal union formed by three republics: the Northern Republic, Padania, the Etrurian Republic in the centre, and the Southern Republic.
But those who know the writings of Dennis, the Etrurian countryside and the archaeological legacy of the Etruscans will surely concur with Sybille Haynes' verdict (1975: 247) that 'Etruscan civilisation [is] a subject strangely neglected in Britain today'.
Three South Etrurian churches: Santa Cornelia, Santa Rufina and San Liberato (Archaeological Monograph of the British School at Rome 4.
The researchers say that analyses of some pottery from South Tuscany suggest that this archaic blend was also drunk by Etrurians, a population that knew vine before the Greek arrived in Italy.