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a student enrolled in (or graduated from) Eton College

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Cameron accused me of waging class war whenever I pointed out he was a Tory Toff, Buller Boy and Old Etonian.
Manor House, Harry's home at Eton, is dominated by a portrait of Old Etonian, the Duke of Wellington (below).
Cameron, who already has 14 Old Etonians around him on the Tory benches, is likely to be joined by yet more former pupils of elite schools.
He said: ``I didn't want to come to Cambridge because I thought it would be very elitist and full of Etonians.
The picture was taken to show all the Old Etonians who command Army regiments.
The Building Schools for the Future programme is scrapped (make them learn in bedlam conditions so they're ready for the pits, mills and prisons), teachers have been given more powers to punish (spare the rod, spoil the child) and Old Etonian Sebastian will inspect the schools and tell other Old Etonians how to spend what's left of their pitiful budgets.
MUCH squawking about Sir Mark Thatcher's main accuser, mercenary Nick du Toit, being subjected to torture by his captors in Equatorial Guinea where he, Thatcher, a couple of Old Etonians and a motley bunch of others are accused of attempting to organise a coup.
DAVID Cameron has infuriated Tory MPs by doling out top jobs to a dozen fellow Old Etonians.
Look behind the occasional black face and odd Tory Northerner and you'll find a Brigade of Old Etonians.
Yet if the Tories win the election, we will be governed by a bunch of Old Etonians.
Mr Soames, another of Mr Cameron's Old Etonians, is serving his own financial interest and voters will be repelled by the pounds 18,000 a month or so he gets from jobs on the side.
If they did they'd hire them instead of Old Etonians.
Sir Tom, 84, who is proud of his working class roots, stormed yesterday: "The Tory Party seems to be run now by Old Etonians and they don't appear to understand how other people live.
Moneybags Sir Tom Cowie will no longer bankroll Mr Cameron and his cronies after seeing the party he loves hijacked by privileged Old Etonians.
The dozen or so Old Etonians surviving among his front bench and backroom boys means that no one should be fooled by the spin.